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          The website Ideas for a Better World” has other associated sites like Perennial Philosophy, Universal Brotherhood As a LawAnna Kingsford, Gospel of Interpretation, Buddhist Christianity, Humanitarianism, Democracy of the Future, The Wheel and the Cross,  and also the Publishing House and the Farm that have the “Wheel and Cross” (Buddhism and Christianity) in their denominations – and all of them are living “odes” to the Perennial Philosophy and its great Law of the Universal Brotherhood.

          As its denomination indicates, this website has the purpose of offering a wide collection of quotes and texts containing ideas which can illuminate the main questions or problems faced by humanity (both in relation to the social as to the individual levels).

          All the items (quotes and texts) are organized under a great classification by Main Subjects. This form of organization is one of the important aspects of this collection. The items inside each of these Main Subjects are listed in alphabetical order according to the titles attributed to each item. The search methods are very simple. It is just to tackle in the selected Main Subject and we have a page with the list and links to the complete set of items related to each of the Main Subjects.

          Besides this great classification, we also have pages with lists and links to the Authors and to the Works (with complete bibliographical references). These lists aim to help in the searches, by simply tackling in the chosen links. You may also chose to use the name of the author, or the title of the work in the Site General Search.

          The site also presents, besides this great organization and search options, a small set of Fundamental Quotes, which aim of give to the visitors a general view of the great ideas of the intellectual background that orient the site and, therefore, the qualitative level of the quotes and texts.

          Hopefully, with the development of the site, the posts which will slowly form the collection of quotes and texts will also be supported, as far as possible, by other posts in the social networks, or by comments/lectures in video channels, other sites and books. In this sense, we have added a section with Associated Sites and Pages.


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