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ADEPT (One of the Mahatmas).
=> Dominant “Gods” in the Elite of Our Time: Sinister Powers of Might, Greed and Luck
=> Exoteric Creeds Generate Oppression. It Is Esoteric Philosophy Alone that Can Bring Mediate State and Lead to the Alleviation of Suffering
=> Great Mission of True Altruism (Theosophy): Working Out of Clear Ethic Ideas and Duties, and Modelling of Their Institutions

ARNOLD, Matthew.
=> Two Things About the Christian Religion

BACON, Francis.
=> Francis Bacon on the Need of New Untried Means to Perform Things That Have Never Yet Been Performed
=> Science Demands Being Guided by a Right Reason and True Religion

BESANT, Annie.
=> All Can Be Wise in the Local Questions, But that Does Not Happen in the Case of National and International Questions
=> How to Find the Best Is the Problem: To Solve It You Must Realise the Hopelessness of the Present Line of Ruling
=> Of Social Inequality There Is Much To Remove. But It Is Natural Inequality Which Is a More Serious Matter
=> Out of these Differences Grows Up All the Possibilities of an Ordered Society
=> (The) Problem of the Moment Is How to Find the Best Man, and Then to Place Him in the Seat of Power: Without This No Happiness Is Possible for the State
=> (The) Rulers Now Are “King” Purse and “King” Mob: Neither of Those Is a Ruler Who Is Likely to Make this Nation Great
=> That Which the Thinker Conceives, That Becomes the Life of a Nation, and Is Worked Out in Social Organization
=>  (In) Those Who Are In the Spiritual Life; Who Cannot Be Happy While Others Are Miserable, You Will Find the Builders of the New Civilisation
=> Universal Brotherhood as a Natural Law: Natural Equality and Inequalities; the Laws of Reincarnation and Karma; the Bases of Just and Competent Government
=> Universal Brotherhood Is a Law in Nature
=> Universal Brotherhood Under the Law of Reincarnation and Karma Will Solve Many of the Problems
=> We Can Deduce What the State Should Be, Contemplating a Family Where Duties and Responsibilities Are in Harmony with Ages and Abilities

BLAKE, William.
=> (The) Golden String (William Blake Quoted in Bede Griffiths’ Autobiography)

=> (Ms.) Blavatsky Calls All Energy, Courage and Effort for a Great Intellectual Reform, and Ms. Burnier Complements
=> Divine Wisdom, Theosophia, or Wisdom of the Gods, that Possessed by the Gods
=> (To) Fully Define Theosophy We Must Consider It Under All its Aspects
=> (The) Future of The Theosophical Society
=> Golden Stairs Up the Steps of which the Learner May Climb to the Temple of Divine Wisdom
=> Helena Blavatsky on the Evolutionary Stages and the Slow Progress of the Causal Body
=> However Limited the Line of Good Deeds, the Latter Will Be Theosophy
=> Influence and Responsibility of the Leaders of Thought
=> (The) Importance of the Law of Reincarnation
=> (The) Late Mrs. Anna Kingsford, M.D. – Obtuary
=> Only by Comparing the Great Religions and Philosophers that Men Can Hope to Arrive at the Truth
=> Only the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation and a Belief in the Spiritual Unity May Reverse the Drift Towards Materialism
=> Reincarnation and Karma, in Other Words, Hope and Responsibility, Will Bring Better Days
=> (A) Society for the Propagation of the Idea of Brotherhood on Practical Instead of Theoretical Lines
=> (A) Society of All Faiths, of Theists ans Atheists, Christians and Gentiles
=> That which Is False or Pernicious Cannot Be Wise
=> Theosophia Is the Wisdom “Full of Mercy and Good Fruits”
=> Theosophy Is ALTRUISM, Brotherly Love, Mutual Help, Unswerving Devotion to Truth
=> There Is a Road Steep and Thorny: It Leeds to the Heart of the Universe
=> True Occultism or Theosophy Is the ‘Great Renunciation of SELF,’ It Is ALTRUISM
=> Universal Brotherhood: a Principle Little Understood and the One Essential Both to Buddhism and Christianity
=> Wisdom Is with the Ancient (Man’s Higher Ego), Understanding Is in the Length of Days (Number of Reincarnations)
=> Without Truth and Justice There Can Be No Wisdom

BOBBIO, Norberto, et allie.
=> Beginnings of Modern Egalitarianism in Bobbio’s “Dictionary of Politics”

=> (Ms.) Blavatsky Calls All Energy, Courage and Effort for a Great Intellectual Reform, and Ms. Burnier Complements
=> Faith in Religious Principles Was Eroded by the Advancement of Scientific Knowledge

CAPRA, Fritjof.
=> Unity in Contemporary Sciences in Fritjof Capra’s Vision

=> Winston Churchill Quotes, Intelligent and Revealing About the Limitations of the Present Models of Democracy

CODD, Clara.
=> Good Universal Principles Are Sadly Missing in Politics: Disastrously Notorious Thing

=> Three Truths which Are Absolute

=> Good and Bad Government Depend on Leaders

=> Philip Converse and the Decisive Role of the Elites

DUVERGER, Maurice.
=> (The) Communist Party Developed a Pyramidal Structure of Remarkable Organizational Efficiency: We May Regret the Application of the Tool, But We Have to Admire Its Technical Perfection
=> Organizational Structure of the Communist Parties Has Contributed More to the Success of Communism Than the Marxist Doctrine

HART, Samuel H.
=> In Memorian Anna Kingsford

HODSON, Geoffrey.
=> (The) Causal Body: the Only True Record of Human Evolution
=> (The) Man Who Reaches His Essence Finds the Ultimate Truth: Unity
=> There Is Only One Spiritual Essence, One Spiritual Being: That Is the Great Truth, the True Source of Power

=> Principles of the Democracy of the Future Present in One of the Oldest Known Books: the I CHING

=> My Brother’s Keeper
=> Principle that Will Guide the State Will Be the Law of Universal Brotherhood
=> (The) Problems Affecting the Lives of the Masses Should Be the Main Study of Every Young Idealist
=> (The) Universal Brotherhood of Humanity Is Very Similar to Relationships in a Family

JOHNSTON, William.
=> My Principal Preoccupation at Present Is with Learning from Buddhism
=> Toynbee: a Thousand Years from Now, Attention to What Happened When Christianity and Buddhism Began to Unite

K.H. (Koot Humi, one of the Mahatmas)
=> Esoteric Doctrines Must Be Cautiously Spread
=> Esoteric Doctrines Must Be Spread Step by Step, Not Suddenly
=> Esoteric Philosophy Is Like a Too Powerful Tonic which Can Kill as Well as to Cure
=> Esoteric Truths Are of the Highest Spiritual Importance, at Once Profound and Practical: They Have to Prove Both Destructive and Constructive
=> Ideas Rule the World
=> Human Nature in General Is the Same Now As a Million Years Ago
=> Only Object to Be Striven For: the Spread of Truth Suited to the Various Stages of His Development and of the Country He Inhabits and Belongs to
=> Phenomena of Intellectuality, Philosophy and Logic
=> Purpose We Have All at Heart: Dissemination of TRUTH Conveyed by Whatever Religious Channel
=> Secret of the Spiritual Failure and Unconscious Egotism of this Age: Lack of a Universal Moral Law or Principle
=> Thrice Fortunate They Who Can Break Through the Vicious Circle of Modern Influence
=> Universal Brotherhood: It Is the Only Secure Foundation for Universal Morality
=> Universal Brotherhood to Generate Institution that Arrest the Attention of the Highest Minds

=> Above All Things Teach the Doctrine of the Spiritual Grades or Levels, Which Have No Relation to the Outward Condition of Life
=> Adam and Eve
=> (The) Banquet of the Gods
=> (The) Credo of Christendom
=> Fig Tree: Symbol of Intuitional Perception and of Hermes (Rafael)
=> Horse Is the Symbol of Intelligence: Divine Order of Chivalry Is the Order of Christ
=> I Had Hoped to Have Helped in the Overthrow of the Idolatrous Altars, Is It All Premature?
=> Idolaters and Idolatry
=> (To) Labour is to Pray
=> (At) Some Distant Day It Will Become a Religion of Great Nations
=> Vegetarian Movement: Redeemer of the World

=> At Some Distant Day It Will Become a Religion of Great Nations
=> Bible, Collection of Parables About the History of the Soul: Persons, Peoples, Animals etc, Are Symbols – To Materialize the Symbols Is to Commit Idolatry
=> Bible Presents the Fall and Redemption of the Souls Under the Form of Symbols and Parables
=> Buddha and Christ Faiths United Will Bring World’s Coming Redemption
=> Buddha Gautama (including Pythagoras) and Christ Are Necessary to One Another: Together They Form a System Whole and Complete
=> Christianity and Buddhism Are But Parts of One Continuous, Harmonious Whole
=> Crucifixion, Resurrection and the Doctrine of Vicarious Atonement Which, As Ordinarily Understood, Is Idolatrous, Blasphemous, and Pernicious in the Highest Degree
=> Ex Oriente Lux: Although Derived from the East, Christianity Is Modeled in Greco-Roman Mythology
=> Faith Without Understanding Is Credulity
=> Gospel of Interpretation: Appealing to the Intellectual As Well As to the Devotional Side
=> Moses and Elias Correspond to Buddha and Pythagoras: the Mind and the Body. Jesus: the Heart-Spirit. Functions Exercized by Pythagoras, Buddha and Jesus: Works, Understanding and Love, or Body, Mind and Heart
=> Once the Veil of Symbolism is Lifted All Churches Are Akin, and the Basic Doctrine of All Is identical
=> Purified Soul and Divine Spirit, Water (Virgem Maria) and Holy Ghost
=> Redemption of Spirit from Matter, the Theme of All Sacred Scriptures, Fall of Adam, Israel, Going Down of Israel or the Soul into Egypt, Exodus or Flight Into the Wilderness-Desert, Crossing of the Jordan and Promised Land
=> Regeneration, Flight from Egypt, Desert, Ordeal, Forty Day-Years, Redemption, River Jordan and Promised Land
=> Son of God: Redemption of the Divine in Man
=> The Doctrine of Karma and of Continuity of Existences Are Parts of Buddhism and Christianity: Which Alone Explains the Inequalities and Incongruities of Life and Vindicates the Divine Justice
=> Why Was the Christian Church Initially Called Catholic?

=> Evan a Small Group Can Start an Entirely Different Society
=> Have No Desire for Psychic Powers
=> There Is Only One Movement in Life, the Outer and the Inner. With the Understanding of the Outer, Then the Inner Movement Begins. Then Only the Inner Movement Has Validity and Significance

=> Democracy in Its Present Form Is Irrational and Leads to Endless Confusion
=> Only Small Minority Is Egoically Matured
=> Present Evolutionary Stage of Humanity

=> Organizational Model (Political etc.) Requires Coherence with Human Capabilities, or Not Worthy of Defense
=> Participatory Democracy (or the Democracy of the Future), in the Vision of Professor C.B. Macpherson

MAHACHOHAN (A Great Chief of the Mahatmas).
=> Between Degrading Superstition and Still More Degrading Brutal Materialism
=> Buddha, Divine Wisdom and Illumination or Theosophy
=> Complete Spiritual Freedom Is Also Called God, Buddha, Enlightenment, or Theosophy
=> Esoteric Philosophy Has to Be Given Out Step by Step, Not in a Rush
=> ‘Intellectual Classes’ Degrade Those They Should Protect and Guide
=> (It Is) Necessary a Greater, Wiser, and More Benevolent Intermingling of the High and Low of Society: Without the Soothing Influence of a Brotherhood, and the Practical Application of the Buddha’s Esoteric Doctrines the World Will Not Avoid Hitherto Unheard-of Disasters, Cruelty and Enormities
=> (It Is) Necessary to Gradually Transmit the Perennial Philosophy, Always with Direct Inferences from Science
=> That the World Is in Such a Bad Condition Morally Is Evidence that Religions and Philosophies Are Distant from Truth
=> (The) World in General, and Christendom Especially, As Well As Its Political and Social Systems, Has Now Proved a Failure

=> “Adam,” “Eve,” “Christ,” “Mary” and the Rest – Denote the Various Spiritual Elements Constituting the Individual and His States
=> (The) Bible Insists on the Esoteric Sense
=> Christ Jesus Within Man: That Is the Subject of the Christian Credo
=> Christ Jesus Within Us; “Blood” of God; Vicarious Salvation; Importance of God’s Image
=> Christ, the Realisation in Man of His Own Divine Potentialities
=> Faith That Is Without Understanding Is Credulity
=> (The) Interpretation of Your Bibles
=> Mystical Sense, and Not the Literal Sense
=> Treasure of the Egyptians; Falsehood of Vicarious Salvation; the Heavenly Jerusalem; Bloodshed
=> Vegetarianism and the Bible
=> (The) “Woman” Is Not a “Woman”, But the Soul, and the Intuition

McCRIE, Bertram.
=> Buddhism and Christianity Are Parts of the Same Gospel
=> Buddha’s Doctrine: Complete Regeneration of Mind and Indispensable Precursor of the Doctrine of Christ
=> Ecclesiasticism Is Intolerant of All Other Faiths and Religious Systems; This Attitude Towards Buddhism Is Suicidal to Christianity

=> John Locke Departs from Hobbes, But Reaches Opposite Conclusions
=> To Justify Absolutism, Hobbes Starts From the “Homo Homini Lupus”

PAUL, Apostle.
=> Divine Wisdom Is Foolishness to the World
=> We Wrestle Not Agains Flesh and Blood

=> Until Philosophers Are Kings, Or Genuine and Capable Philosophers Are Sovereigns, There Will Be No Truce From Evils

=> All Subjects Are Connected to Metaphysics and Ethics (which Transcend the World of Ordinary Science): If They Are Not True, They Inevitably Lead to Disaster
=> XIXth-Century Great Ideas Deny or Obliterate the Hierarchy of Levels in the Universe

=> The Blunder of Large Mass Elections and The Power of the Big Organizations
=> Buddhist Christianity Is the Ancient Religion that the Gospel of Interpretation Came to Rescue
=> (The) Decisive Role and Responsibility of the Elites
=> (The) Democracy of the Future and the Dream-Vision of Dom Bosco
=> (The) Evolution of Man’s Higher Self
=> (The) Foundational Principles of Humanitarianism
=> (The) Inner Constitution of Man
=> Humanity As a Universal Brotherhood: a Fact or Law in Nature
=> Synthesis of the Buddhist Christianity
=> Synthesis of the Democracy of the Future
=> Synthesis of Humanitarianism
=> Synthesis of the “New” Gospel of Interpretation
=> Synthesis of the Perennial (or Esoteric) Philosophy
=> Synthesis of the Universal Brotherhood As a Law and Its Importance
=> Synthesis of Vegetarianism
=> Table with Opinion on the Credibility of Politicians: Clear Attestation of the Failure of the Current Liberal Model
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (1): Work Contents, Summary of Quotations, Preface and Introduction
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (2): The Foundation of the Theosophical Society and the Influence of the Mahatmas
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (3): Theosophy And The Name Of The Theosophical Society
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (4): The Motto Of The Theosophical Society
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (5): Theosophy And The Universal Brotherhood
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (6): The Perennial Philosophy And The Universal Brotherhood – The Essential Unity Of All Humanity
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (7): The Perennial Philosophy And The Universal Brotherhood – The Diversity Of The Manifested Capacities
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (8): The Perennial Philosophy And The Universal Brotherhood – The Present Level Of Evolution Of Humanity
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (9): World Problems And The Universal Brotherhood – The Need For a Great Intellectual Reform
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (10): World Problems And The Universal Brotherhood – Universal Brotherhood as a Law And The Dominant Ideas
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (11): World Problems And The Universal Brotherhood – Premises And Central Institutions Of Liberalism
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (12): World Problems And The Universal Brotherhood – Premises And Central Institutions Of Marxism
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (13): World Problems And The Universal Brotherhood – Faults Of The Present Political Models
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (14): World Problems And The Universal Brotherhood – Present Political Models And The Creation Of Destitution
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (15): World Problems And The Universal Brotherhood –    The First Object as An Example Of Consistent Solution
=>Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (16): The Importance Of Comparative Study
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (17): The Attainment Of The Inner Truth (decisive, Yet Restricted):
=> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (18): Bibliographical References
=> Unity and Diversity in Jacob’s Dream
=> Unity and Diversity in the Religious Traditions
=> Vegetarianism: What Great Men Said (*)
=> What Is Wrong with Politcs? (1): Index of Chapters and Introduction
=> What Is Wrong with Politcs? (2): Unity Underlying Humanity
=> What Is Wrong with Politcs? (3): Differences of Capabilities Among Human Beings
=> What Is Wrong with Politcs? (4): Liberalism: Premisses and Political System
=> What Is Wrong with Politcs? (5): Failures of the Present Models of Liberal Democracy
=> What Is Wrong with Politcs? (6): Failures of Marxism: Premisses and Organizational Model
=> What Is Wrong with Politcs? (7): World Problems and the Dominant Political Models
=> What Is Wrong with Politcs? (8): The Democracy of the Future
=> What Is Wrong with Politcs? (9): Bibliography
=> Why the “Anna Kingsford Site” Was Created? (Abridged Version).
=> Why the “Anna Kingsford Site” Was Created? (Longer Version)

SISSON FILHO, Arnaldo and PEREIRA, Viviane.
=> Anna Kingsford, Buddhist Christianity and Vegetarianism
=> How to Fairly and Competently Judge Intelligence and Righteousness of Character?
=> The Relation Between Religion and Social Organization
=> Without Restoring a True Religious, Philosophical and Scientific Base No Fair and Competent Social Institutions Will Emerge

SISSON, Marina Cesar.
=> The Sphinx Helena Blavatsky

=> No Wisdom ut in Submission to the God

=> Plato’s Main Idea, Matching Functions with Capabilities, Cannot Be Ignored With Impunity
=> Importance of Diversity in the Law of Universal Brotherhood of Humanity
=> Fetish of Mass Suffrage Without Any Qualification Whatsoever
=> India Should Evolve a New Model of Democracy
=> Politics Involves the Welfare of All and Calls for the Best Heads With a Disinterested Spirit
=> Proposal of a System in Harmony with the Law of the Universal Brotherhood (Annie Besant, N. Sri Ram and Jai Prakash Narain)
=> The Problems of a Country Like India Cannot Be Dealt With, As They Should Be, Except By a Wise Understanding and Distribution of Political Power

TAGORE, Rabindranath.
=> May I Not Be a Coward

=> Basic Principles of the Perennial Philosophy
=> Changing the Thoughts and Attitudes of People in the World: the Way of Solving the Problems and Bringing About Better Conditions
=> Dr. Taimni on the Task of Renouncing the Lower Desires
=> Love, Wisdom and Bliss Are Names of the Different Aspects of the Same State of Consciousness: of Perception of the Whole, of Unity
=> New Ideas Confuses the Average Man, Makes Big Difference How We Get in Touch with Their Minds
=> Not Only Should Our Ideas Be of High Quality, But Also Clear, Precise and Classified
=> Underlying Unity of All Nature in a Quotation by Dr. Taimni

=> The Dangers of New Age Narcissism

WILHELM, Richard.
=> Principle of the Democracy of the Future in One of the Oldest Books: the I CHING