Helena Blavatsky on the Evolutionary Stages and the Slow Progress of the Causal Body

In order to corroborate and clarify a little more the panorama regarding our current evolutionary condition that we can see in the long post with the clairvoyant description of C.W. Leadbeater (Present Evolutionary Stage of Humanity), we present some more quotes, now from the writings of Ms. Helena Blavatsky:

“Our present mankind is still in the forth of the seven great cyclic rounds. Humanity is a baby hardly out of its swaddling clothes, and the highest adept of the present age knows less than he will know as a child in the seventh round. And as mankind is an infant collectively, so is man in his present development individually.” (Helena Blavatsky. Collected Writings. Vol. VI, p. 103; emphasis added)

“Thus, in every man the mighty battle rages, but the fortune of the fight is not alike in all – in some the animal hosts rage madly in their triumph, in a few the glorious army of the god has gained a silent victory, but in the vast majority, and especially now, at the balance of the race cycle, the battle rages fiercely, the issue still in doubt.”  (Helena Blavatsky. Collected Writings. Vol. XI, p. 149; emphasis added)

“Few were the men during the early adolescence of mankind, and fewer still are they now, who feel disposed to put into practice Pope’s forcible declaration that he would tear out his own heart, if it had no better disposition than to love only himself, and laugh at all his neighbours.” (Helena Blavatsky. Collected Writings. Vol. XIV, p. 41; emphasis added)

There was never a time yet, nor ever will be, while this human race lasts, when anything more than a small minority would devote themselves to the mighty task of self conquest and spiritual evolution. The Adept is as rare as the flower of the Vogay tree, which, the Tamil proverb says, is the most difficult to see.

(…) The mere certainty that such rare powers – psychical and intellectual – and such moral grandeur, as he exemplifies, are within human reach, gives dignity to our common nature and a worthy model to look up to, and, in some degree, pattern after.” (Helena Blavatsky. Collected Writings. Vol. IV, p. 170; emphasis added)

These quotes from Ms. Helena Blavatsky amply corroborate C.W. Leadbeater’s long description in the post Present Evolutionary Stage of Humanity. She says that in the case of the vast majority of human beings there is a fierce struggle between animal or selfish tendencies and spiritual, divine or altruistic tendencies; or, in other words, in C.W. Leadbeater’s description, that the human Egos are still “for the most part semi-conscious, though few are now colorless.”

The Evolution of the Higher Self is a Very Slow Process

Ms. Blavatsky also corroborates C.W. Leadbeater’s clairvoyant description in explaining that the evolution of the Higher Self concerns very long periods of time, and that the centuries or millennia are like weeks or months in the long evolutionary life of a Higher Self and , thus, also of humanity.

This notion, that significant changes in the psycho-spiritual evolution of a Higher Self and humanity correspond to enormous periods of time, is of the utmost importance in our time, in which accelerated advances in mastering some energies of nature give the false impression of equally accelerated advances can occur in the real or Causal Body  evolution of humanity.

Dazzled as we are by the superficial and dangerous scientific and technological advances of our time, such as the almost instantaneous electronic speed that we were able to apply to many methods of computing, communications, destruction, etc., we lost sight of the striking fact that the true psycho-spiritual evolution of a Higher Self and humanity as a whole is a process that involves very long periods of time. This hard fact of life has important practical implications in this age of so many false egalitarianism, which are in fact only real in the misleading speeches and chaotic and cruelly irresponsible legislation they generate. Exactly in this sense, we bring more posts from Ms. Helena Blavatsky:

Times and events change; human nature remains the same, and unaltered under every sky and in every age.” (Helena Blavatsky. Collected Writings, Vol. XIV, p. 110; emphasis added)

But the zenith of the material is the nadir of the spiritual; the law of progress moves calmly onward with the wheel of time, and nature, who never leaps, develops a new standard of worth, the intellectual, which we see even now asserting itself in proportion to its adaptability to average comprehension and the material standard of the times, and pointing to the development of a new caste standard, to be in its turn superseded by the caste of true worth in which the spiritual development of the race will be completely established. This, however, will be the work of ages and for humanity as a whole cannot easily be quickened, for it is impossible to change the natural law of evolution which proceeds spirally in curves that never re-enter into themselves, but ever ascend to so-called higher planes.” (Helena Blavatsky. Collected Writings. Vol. XI, p. 150; emphasis added)