(The) Foundational Principles of Humanitarianism

“As a doctrine, or as a social-political philosophy, Humanitarianism is based on five great principles, the importance of which we have tried to demonstrate in the preceding chapters. Below we have these foundational principles:

1 – All human beings constitute an UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD (understood as a universal law of Nature, here applied to humanity as a whole);

2 – All human beings have the same origin and the same essential nature and, therefore, the SAME ESSENCIAL VALUE;

3 – Notwithstanding the original unity, and the same essential value, the human beings present DIFFERENT CAPACITIES;

4 – As a consequence of these first three principles, the rule that should guide the justice and the harmony which is possible among the human beings is the EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITIES, in order to better promote the development of the different levels and types of individual capacities;

5 – The ethical principle of ELITE’S RESPONSIBILITY, from which also depends the advent of the new social institutions.” [Arnaldo Sisson Filho. What Is Wrong With Politics? Fundaments for a True Democracy, — Chapter I]