Synthesis of the Democracy of the Future

Although we have a website dedicated to the Democracy of the Future, we have chosen here a work and a part of a chapter of another work as a synthesis of the Democracy of the Future. Humanitarianism is a social-political philosophy based in the Perennial Philosophy and in the Law of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity.… Read More

Synthesis of Universal Brotherhood As a Law and Its Importance

Although we now have a website dedicated to present the Universal Brotherhood As a Law, we have chosen here some chapters of the book Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood as a synthesis of this subject of the greatest importance to the well being of humanity, which is the fact that the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity is… Read More

Synthesis of the Buddhist Christianity

Although we have a site dedicated to the presentation of the Buddhist Christianity, we have chosen here a few works as a synthetic presentation of the Buddhist Christianity, which is one of the main aspects of the “New” Gospel of interpretation, which is the name of the religious message given to the world by Dr.… Read More

We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Paul, Apostle. Ephesians 6:12. King James Version.  Our note: The expression “principalities and powers” ​​is used in different contexts in the New Testament. Now referring to kings, rulers… Read More

My Brother’s Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper “In an ancient land like India, where there are today so many religions, there is no need to add any teaching that can be termed new. (…) Yet if you examine all these teachings, you will note that in the main they concentrate on the life of the individual, and not particularly… Read More

The Democracy of the Future and the Dream-Vision of Dom Bosco

The Democracy of the Future and the Dream-Vision of Dom Bosco 1. Introduction In the book What Is Wrong Woth Politics? Bases for a True Democracy, we seek to demonstrate, in short, that what we have today in Brazil and in the world in general are not legitimate forms of democracy, but forms of plutodemagogicracies.… Read More

The Relation Between Religion and Social Organization

The Relation Between Religion and Social Organization [Second part of the sixth chapter of the book A Roda e a Cruz: Uma Introdução ao Cristianismo Budista (The Wheel and the Cross: An Introduction to Buddhist Christianity). Except for this chapter, the complete work is still in the Portuguese language.] VIVIANE: What is the link between… Read More

Anna Kingsford, Buddhist Christianity and Vegetarianism

(Arnaldo Sisson Filho interviewed by journalist Viviane Pereira, May/2009) Presentation by Viviane Pereira: Raised in a Catholic family, Arnaldo Sisson Filho began his search for answers to the questions that guide our existence early on. He studied in Roman Catholic schools and, in his late teens, questioning everything he had learned so far, he became… Read More

Without Restoring a True Religious, Philosophical and Scientific Base No Fair and Competent Social Institutions Will Emerge

“Thus, we need to improve, to rescue the true philosophical-religious basis, because this religious basis that prevails today is greatly corrupted by idolatry and by the materialism of Ecclesiasticism, whether religious properly or so-called scientific. The current state of religions does not allow for the advent of just institutions and consequent consistent solutions; they are… Read More

Christ Jesus Within Us; “Blood” of God; Vicarious Salvation; Importance of God’s Image

“But it is the Christ Jesus, or man reborn of a pure soul and spirit, as Jesus Himself declared that all must be born – even precisely as He is dramatically described as having been born – within ourselves, to whom we look for salvation. And the means are His cross of self-sacrifice, renunciation, and… Read More