Without Restoring a True Religious, Philosophical and Scientific Base No Fair and Competent Social Institutions Will Emerge

Thus, we need to improve, to rescue the true philosophical-religious basis, because this religious basis that prevails today is greatly corrupted by idolatry and by the materialism of Ecclesiasticism, whether religious properly or so-called scientific.

The current state of religions does not allow for the advent of just institutions and consequent consistent solutions; they are idolaters and have materialized the sacred symbols. They take a phrase like that of Jesus “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6) and personalize it, saying that that being who lived in Palestine is the only way, the only truth and the only true life . They don’t understand that these teachings are about much larger issues. They don’t understand, as St. Paul said, that “the letter kills” (Corinthians, 3:6) – it kills first spiritually, then physically, because it generates institutions that lead to death like those that dominate and shape the world of our days. We are, in short, heading towards major crises, due to the fact that we are sowing pain, violence and destruction. And there is no chance, within the current framework, of avoiding these consequences.

The world is dominated today by large corporations and they fight each other for private gains. When the situation becomes difficult, they form an alliance: it is the law of profit, of the strongest, it is the law of the jungle. And who can fight it today? Nobody. These organizations are the strongest on the planet. That is why it is essential that we create the conditions for the birth of decent, fair, dignified and competent institutions, which can discipline the macro-agents that currently dominate in a privatist way. Institutions that reflect and defend the values ​​of the well-being of humanity collectively considered, that is, humanitarianist institutions, because that word – humanitarianism – means that, concern with the well-being of all, even in the dictionary.” [Arnaldo Sisson Filho; with Viviane Pereira. A Roda e a Cruz: Uma Introdução ao Cristianismo BudistaSegunda parte do sexto capítulo (The Wheel and the Cross: An Introduction to Buddhist Christianity Second part of the sixth chapter)]