Synthesis of the “New” Gospel of Interpretation

Although we now have a site dedicated to the “New” Gospel of Interpretation, we have chosen here a few works as a synthetic presentation of the Gospel of Interpretation, which is the denomination of the main message given to the world by Dr. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland, her great work companion. These works are… Read More

Synthesis of Universal Brotherhood As a Law and Its Importance

Although we now have a website dedicated to present the Universal Brotherhood As a Law, we have chosen here some chapters of the book Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood as a synthesis of this subject of the greatest importance to the well being of humanity, which is the fact that the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity is… Read More

Synthesis of the Perennial (or Esoteric) Philosophy

Even though we have a website specifically dedicated to Perennial (or Esoteric) Philosophy, and even though we know that today there are many texts that can be considered as introductions to Perennial (or Esoteric) Philosophy, we chose here, as a synthetic introduction to this very important philosophy, the text Perennial Philosophy: General Aspects and Its… Read More

The Dangers of New Age Narcissism (*)

THE DANGERS OF NEW AGE NARCISSISM (*) Kate Thomas I am rather tired of observing nominally spiritual communities. For over thirty years, I have noticed repeatedly that such organisations do not live up to their professed ideals. However, the situation is far worse now than it was in the 1950’s, and it was very far… Read More

Anna Kingsford, Buddhist Christianity and Vegetarianism

(Arnaldo Sisson Filho interviewed by journalist Viviane Pereira, May/2009) Presentation by Viviane Pereira: Raised in a Catholic family, Arnaldo Sisson Filho began his search for answers to the questions that guide our existence early on. He studied in Roman Catholic schools and, in his late teens, questioning everything he had learned so far, he became… Read More

Buddhist Christianity Is the Ancient Religion that the Gospel of Interpretation Came to Rescue

  Buddhist Christianity, in particular, and the Gospel of Interpretation in general, are believed to be the fulfillment, at least to some extent, of the ancient prophecy of withered bones regaining flesh, nerve, blood, and life. The Dry Bones Live “The hand of the Lord came upon me and brought me out in the Spirit… Read More

Christ Jesus Within Us; “Blood” of God; Vicarious Salvation; Importance of God’s Image

“But it is the Christ Jesus, or man reborn of a pure soul and spirit, as Jesus Himself declared that all must be born – even precisely as He is dramatically described as having been born – within ourselves, to whom we look for salvation. And the means are His cross of self-sacrifice, renunciation, and… Read More

Treasure of the Egyptians; Falsehood of Vicarious Salvation; the Heavenly Jerusalem; Bloodshed

“According to the true gospel, as declared by the prophets, the substance of humanity is not material and created, but spiritual and divine. And man rises out of his lower into his higher nature by subordinating the former to the latter, and so rising wholly into that higher, becoming thereby divine – for between Spirit… Read More

Vegetarianism and the Bible

(p. 214) VEGETARIANISM AND THE BIBLE (Edward Maitland) THERE are very many persons for whom the arguments scientific, social, economical, and even moral, in favour of a vegetable diet, do not suffice, but who require in addition the sanction of the Bible. As we are prepared to meet inquirers at this point also, I have… Read More

Mystical Sense, and Not the Literal Sense

“Such was the first intimation (…) given us of the truth subsequently revealed in plenitude, – the presence in Scripture of a mystical sense concealed within the apparent sense, as a kernel in its shell, which, and not the literal sense, is the intended sense.” (Edward Maitland. The Story of Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland… Read More