Vegetarianism: What Great Men Said (*)

– “The more man simplifies his eating and moves away from the carnivorous regime, the wiser his mind.” (George Bernard Shaw)

– “I am a fervent follower of the vegetarian regime. More than anything for moral and aesthetic reasons. I believe that a vegetarian life order, by its physical effects, will influence the temperament of men in such a way that it will greatly improve the destiny of mankind.” (Albert Einstein)

– “Time will come when human beings will be content with a vegetarian diet and will judge the killing of an innocent animal as is now thought to be the murder of a man.” (Leonardo Da Vinci)

– “If man sincerely aspires to live a real life, his first decision must be to refrain from eating meat and not killing any animal to eat.” (Leon Tolstoy)

– “The flesh is the food of certain animals. But not all, for horses, oxen and elephants feed on herbs. Only those with brave and fierce nature, tigers and lions, etc. can be sated in blood. What a horror it is to fatten a body with another body, to live from the death of living beings.” (Pythagoras)

– “May you live off the perfume of the earth and, like a plant, nourish you with light.” (Khalil Gibran)

– “Happy would be the earth if all beings were united by the bonds of benevolence and only fed on food without bloodshed. The golden grains, the shiny fruits and the tasty herbs that are born for all, would be enough to feed and give plenty to the world.” (Gautama Buddha)

– “If we are to free ourselves from suffering, we must not live from the suffering and murder inflicted on other animals.” (Paul Carton)

– “When a man kills a tiger they call it sport; when a tiger kills a man, they call it ferocity.” (George Bernard Shaw)

– “Man begs the mercy of God but has no pity on animals, for which he is a god. The animals that you have sacrificed have already given you the sweet tribute of their milk, the softness of their wool, and have placed trust in the criminal hands that kill them. No one purifies his own spirit with blood. In the innocent head of the animal, it is not possible to put the weight of a hair of the evil and errors for which each one will have to answer.” (Gautama Buddha)

– “Eating meat is the survival of the greatest brutality; the shift to vegetarianism is the first natural change of enlightenment.” (Leon Tolstoy)

– “What struggle for existence, or what terrible madness has caused you to soak your hands with blood – you, I repeat, that are nourished by all the benefits and comforts of life? Why do you insult the face of the good earth, as if it were not able to nourish and satisfy you?” (Plutarch)

– “Every butcher, with his bloody victims of the slaughterhouse, is for me both a horror and a motive of condemnation. I am convinced that with the cessation of this cannibalism mankind would attain a nobler culture, solve many of the social problems more safely and more easily, and certainly also get rid of the plague of war.” (J.V. Widman)


(*) The above set of small quotes from great men, was presented at the end of the text Vegetarianismo: Chave para a Saúde e a Felicidade (Vegetarianism: Key to Good Health and Happiness), by  Arnaldo Sisson Fiho. Previous link to complete free Portuguese text.