Underlying Unity of All Nature in a Quotation by Dr. Taimni

This basic and narrow interconnection of all things in nature seems to be the limit that we can reach with the help of science, with regard to the recognition of an essential unity underlying humanity and, in fact, all things in the known universe. As we can read in F. Capra’s work, it derives very naturally from quantum theory. Such close interconnection can be seen from a scientific perspective in many other areas. Another very illuminating example is in the field of astrophysics, when we observe our complete dependence on the Sun in maintaining all the life we ​​know today, and from where we can also infer much of the unity underlying all of nature. Let us see, in this regard, a passage from Dr. I.K. Taimni (PhD. in Chemistry, University of London), taken from his work Gayatri, in which we read:

The Sun is the center of the solar system, around which all the planets are rotating. Science has shown that the Sun is the source of all types of energy that are necessary for life in the solar system. But science regards the Sun only as a huge fireball whose energy is being maintained by converting Hydrogen to Helium, the thermonuclear reaction underlying the production of the Hydrogen bomb. This powerful physical energy center is continuously releasing all types of energies and vibrations in the solar system, such as heat, light and other types of energies that are used to maintain life on our planet, in all its forms. The wonderful way in which these various forces operating in the solar system are well adjusted and regulated can be perceived by the fact that if the temperature of the Sun were to rise only one percent, we would all be reduced to ash instantly, and if it fell one percent, we would be frozen right away.” (I.K. Taimni. Gayatri, p. 80; emphasis added)

At least with regard to the solar system, the quote above shows us clearly how, even on the material plane that we know scientifically, all forms of life have a single center on which they depend completely, reminding us of the famous statement of Hermes Trismegisto that: – “Just as the big is the small, just as what is on top is what is below, and just as what is inside is what is outside”. This quote by Dr. Taimni also highlights the close interdependence that exists in nature, as well as suggests beautifully that the whole chain of life has a single source.