Humanity As a Universal Brotherhood: a Fact or Law in Nature

“The Universal Brotherhood Is a Law, Not Only an Aspiration

Before we begin our examination of the bases for the currents prevailing in our times, and considering the facts just analyzed, there is an aspect of the greatest importance with regard to the view of humanity constituting a universal brotherhood such as has been presented here, which must be analyzed further.

This important aspect is that throughout this text the universal brotherhood of humanity has invariably been seen as a FACT or as a LAW of nature, which reveals the true relationship which exists among human beings. In this way we have tried to show, firstly, its two basic attributes: the underlying Unity and the manifested Diversity. And, secondly, that in the light of the Esoteric Philosophy the universal brotherhood of humanity is something which de facto exists in physical and supra physical nature. And this occurs quite separate from whether or not men are aware of this fact, which is true as well for any other law of nature.” (Arnaldo Sisson Filho. Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood, — Chapter 10; emphasis added)