Only Small Minority Is Egoically Matured

In his long post on this site Present Evolutionary Stage of Humanity, C.W. Leadbeater informs us that the vast majority of the Higher Selves are still undeveloped in our current evolutionary stage. In this way, only a relatively small minority is capable of transmitting to the personality clear norms of truthfulness, justice and altruism, as it is worth recalling in the passages that we repeat below:

“The immense majority, whether in or out of the body, are but dreamly semiconscious, though few are now in the condition of mere colourless films (…)

The majority are not yet sufficiently definite, even in such consciousness as they possess, to understand the purpose or the laws of the evolution in which they are engaged (…)

(…) but for the present we are thinking of the less evolved majority, who still put forth as groping, waving tentacles into the ocean of existence the personalities which are themselves on the lower planes of life, though they are as yet in no sense aware that these personalities are the means whereby they are to be nourished and to grow. They see nothing of their past or their future, not being yet conscious on their own plane.(…)

From the densely thronged region which we have been considering we pass into a more thinly populated world, as out of a great city into a peaceful countryside; for at the present stage of human evolution only a small minority of individuals have risen to this loftier level where even the least advanced is definitely self-conscious, and also conscious of his surroundings. (…)

While he continually fails in the earlier part of his life on this sub-plane to make the lower mind understand logically the foundations of the principles he impresses on it, he yet very definitely succeeds in making the impression, and such abstract ideas as truth, justice and honour become unchallenged and ruling conceptions in the lower mental life.

(…) The thought under this influence takes on a singularly clear and peircing quality, even in the less developed, and the effect of this in the lower minds shows itself as a tendency to philosophic and abstract thinking. (…)

The first sub-plane, the most glorious level of the mental world, has but few denizens as yet from our humanity, for on its heights dwell none but the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion, and their initiated pupils.” (C.W. Leadbeater. The Devachanic Plane, pp. 116-122; emphasis added)

This indication that only a small minority shows an inclination for abstract thinking will be highly important when placed opposite the perspective of the Law of Humanity As a Universal Brotherhood, with the currents of thought prevailing at present.

It will be of equal significance in the analysis of the errors of the principal social institutions derived from these prevailing dominant thought currents. Errors and institutions which are responsible for a major share of the world’s problems and conflicts, and therefore of the immense catastrophes that are being generated.

Just as important is the comparison C.W. Leadbeater makes between a densely populated city and a village, which gives an indication of the relative proportions between the amount of not very developed Selves and that of Selves which are already mature. This proportion finds scientific corroboration in the experimental researches and works by Philip E. Converse, and in our work (also based on experimental research) named What Is Wrong With Politics? Bases for a True Democracy.