The Doctrine of Karma and of Continuity of Existences Are Parts of Buddhism and Christianity: Which Alone Explains the Inequalities and Incongruities of Life and Vindicates the Divine Justice

It is the doctrine of Karma and of continuity of existences which alone explains the inequalities and incongruities of life and vindicates the Divine justice. And, seen from this point of view, life has a far vaster scope than is compatible with the idea of a single existence, which makes the soul independent of the discipline of earthly experience, inasmuch as it denies such experience altogether to the vast number who die in infancy. That the Christian Scriptures do not explicitly recognise the doctrine is no argument against its being a Christian doctrine. It was already in the world in Buddhism; and Christianity, as the complement and crown of Buddhism, had no need to reiterate it.” (Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland. The Credo of Christendom, pp. 143-144; emphasis added)