Faith in Religious Tenets Was Eroded by the Advancement of Scientific Knowledge

Faith in religious tenets and commandments was eroded more than a century ago by the advent of modern education based on logic and reason and the advancement of scientific knowledge. (…)

The homocentricity of Biblical Christianity was replaced by the pride of a species which believed it has risen to the pinnacle in a gigantic process of chance that went by the name of evolution. God’s will, religious commandments, moral lawsall these faded into insignificance before man’s image of himself as thinker and doer.

As a result of these forces, increasingly the individual has regarded himself as an absolutely independent entity with the unconditional right to promote his own progress and fulfill his desires irrespective of how this affects other people and forms of life. (…) The new ‘morality’ is based on disbelief in a conscious or intelligent purpose behind the evolutionary process. If everything is a matter of chance, one must play  the game cleverly and see that the chances are favourable to oneself.” (Radha Burnier. The Theosophist, Jun. 93, emphasis added)