My Principal Preoccupation at Present Is with Learning from Buddhism

“As for myself, my principal preoccupation at present is with learning from Buddhism. I can’t help feeling that Western Christianity (like Western everything else) is badly in need of a blood transfusion. Somehow or other we have become effete (…) and we need new perspectives. Just as a whole new era opened up for Christianity when Thomas introduced Aristotle in the thirteenth century, so a new era, an even bigger one, could be opened up by the assimilation of some Buddhist ideas and attitudes.” (William Johnston, SJ. Christian Zen: A Way of Meditation. pp. 14-15. NA: The author of this work, an Irish Jesuit living in Japan, directed the Institute of Oriental Religions at Sofia University, in Tokyo. For him, as he explains in this work, the cooperation between East and West, through Buddhism, Zen and Christianity, is vital for our times. In this respect, the author joins the message of Dr. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland, that is, the “New” Gospel of Interpretation; emphasis added)