There Is Only One Spiritual Essence, One Spiritual Being: That Is the Great Truth, the True Source of Power

“(…) I wish to advance one supremely important idea concerning man. I speak not only of man as Thinker, but man in his real Essence, the mysterious Dweller in the Innermost, the Logos of the Soul, the Spark of the Divine Flame, the Scintilla of the Spiritual Sun.

That supremely important idea is that there is in existence in the whole Universe only one Spiritual Essence, one Spiritual Being, one Divine Flame – and the Spiritual Self of man is for ever at one with that all-inclusive One Alone. This is the one great truth, the true source of power, the sovereign secret.

The man who successfully probes his own inner nature and existence back to its Centre and Core, finds one single source of all men, all beings, all existence. Unity then emerges as the supreme verity, the everlasting truth. ‘All are but parts of one stupendous whole.’ (…) behind all existence is one Supreme Power, one Energy, one Force, one Law and, because of this characteristic of oneness, all the components of that One are united in the One Alone.

All are one. Minerals, plants, animals and men, Supermen, Angels, Archangels, worlds, suns, stars and galaxies of stars – all are one, inseparably united. So far as the billion human beings now on Earth are concerned, all are members of one spiritual Race which is without divisions of any kind. This is the sublime truth, the Master fact – all are one.” (Geoffrey Hodson. Basic Theosophy, p. 81-82; emphasis added)