Love, Wisdom and Bliss Are Names of the Different Aspects of the Same State of Consciousness: of Perception of the Whole, of Unity

“Love, Wisdom and Bliss are names of the different aspects of the same state of Consciousness in which the individual is aware of the Whole. The perception of the Whole in which everything is seen in its proper perspective and true nature is Wisdom. The attitude towards the Whole and its different parts which results from the awareness of this unity and harmonious relationship is Love. The reaction in consciousness which is the joint product of this awareness of oneness and completeness on the one hand and the attitude of love on the other is Bliss or Ananda. It will be seen therefore that Wisdom, Love and Bliss are different aspects of the same state of Divine Consciousness (…)” (Iqbal K. Taimni. Glimpses Into the Psychology of Yoga, p. 308)