In Those Who Are In the Spiritual Life; Who Cannot Be Happy While Others Are Miserable, You Will Find the Builders of the New Civilisation

“Wherever one who does not suffer is unnhappy for those who do; wherever a human brain that might amuse itself finds joy in labour for the helping of the nation; wherever a human heart which has all that love can give it cannot be happy, but goes out in love to the outcast – there lies the promise of the future. (…)

In those who are growing into the spiritual life; in those who cannot be happy while others are miserable; in those whose meals are rendered bitter by the starvation of the poor; in those whose luxury is a burden because of the want of the miserable – in those will you find the builders of the new civilisation, those who shall sacrifice that others may be happy.” (Annie Besant, The Changing World, pp. 204-205; emphasis added)